Rich and miserable?  Happy but broke?

There is a secret to living a more balanced life.  Alot of people want money so bad because they think it will complete them. Don’t get me wrong it is a wonderful thing to have and you can do alot with money but money alone cannot give a person true happiness. People have to have purpose, love and hope but more important to know true happiness you must know God. 

Healthy in this blog refers to physical health, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I believe you can be healthy and wealthy and live a balanced life.

A very very wealthy man made 1 billion dollars. He kept telling himself “if I can make a billion more I will finally be happy. He made it. Do you think he was finally happy? 

A very very poor man didn’t know how he was going to provide for his family because he lost his job. But he had a very strong foundation and had faith in God and a loving strong family. God provided this family’s every need. Which would you rather be?


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